Alexandra Zvi is eccentrically English and has been compared to fellow British designer and couturier Alexander McQueen. Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, a university city on the River Tyne in northeast England, Alexandra Zvi has been designing, and producing fashion for the past 20 years.

Inspired by years working in fashion and costume, she caters to women who appreciate style and dare to be the centre of attention. With an eye for detail, her designs are feminine, romantic and elegantly proportioned.

Related to White Chapel tailors, Alexandra Zvi always knew that she was going to be a Fashion Designer. Perhaps it’s in her genes! As a little girl, Alexandra Zvi was contently occupied by making clothes for her dolls. Everything she did was working towards the life of a designer. Designing is what drives and fulfills Alexandra Zvi, bringing a sense of peace. She says “there isn’t anything better than practically creating the ideas that swim around in my head.”

As a fan of French designer, Christian Lacroix, she says “his fearless ability to design what he saw, without necessarily being on trend is what truly inspires me as a designer”.

With over 20 years in the fashion industry, Alexandra Zvi has not only been a Fashion designer, but also a stylist, textiles artist, costume designer and seamstress in theatre, television and film, as well as a design teacher.

With a slight shift in her aesthetic from costume to ‘wearable’ fashion, Alexandra Zvi is also making a social change with a mission to produce ethical fashion specifically tackling the social and commercial issues. 

"As a fashion designer, it is my duty to speak up and encourage consumers to shop socially responsible and environmentally friendly styles, rather than fast and cheap fashion."
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Gothic Romance

In 2010, Alexandra Zvi’s Gothic Romance collection was brought to life, which still receives praise and admiration, grabbing the attention of style hunters all around the world. Following the completion of the Gothic Romance collection, the Alexandra Zvi brand was officially launched online. The high-fashion photos of Gothic Romance were a highlight on her website and social media. Shortly after, made-to-order requests started to flow in. 
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Grafitti Couture

Graffiti Couture was a ‘wearable art’ limited-edition collection.

With 'sustainability' in mind, this collection was based on individual products made from graffiti splashed art with vintage fabrics and lace.

The embellished and up-cycled denim were fused with the graffiti fabrics to create one-off garments. Each piece was unique and one-of-a-kind, telling its own individual story.

Some garments from this collection were bordering on avant-garde, while some pieces had an urban edge for mixing things up for everyday ‘street style’.

This collection showcased Alexandra Zvi’s creativity and her English quirk, leaving fashion lovers around the world wanting more.


In addition to Alexandra Zvi's collections, we also accept requests for wedding dresses and custom-made orders available for shipping to fashion lovers worldwide. 

The 5th Avenue

Alexandra is about to launch her AW2018 collection inspired by the 1940’s tailoring and glamorous Lauren Bacall. This new collection encapsulates the clever design details as found in vintage clothing of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Between the silhouette of tailored jackets and wide leg pants with the vogue dress patterns, this new collection will highlight so much more intricacy than consumers are used to seeing in today’s fashion. She describes this collection as “elegant, classy with a twist of English quirkiness”.